Wednesday, January 9, 2008

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BONUS…….Summarize….Crossing the Finish Line!!!!

Wow!!! I made it!…The Home Stretch! There is so much to learn about Web 2.0. I think I understand now….It’s all about sharing and collaborating via the web. We share photographs, movies, knowledge, collaborate on spreadsheets and other documents, blog our dreams, ideas, and inspire others. We bounce ideas off each other and “make the world pretty” with mashups and other graphics applications while we do all of this.

It’s a big shift in how we share information so learning about it is very exciting. Even copyright has started a shift from everything being only “all rights reserved” to “some rights reserved” giving way to collaboration as we start to share creative wealth. That’s one of the things I enjoyed learning the most because collaborating with teachers is very important in my job as a librarian and seeing all of this emerging technology being shared by people all over the world makes more sense now. Life-long learning takes on a whole new meaning now. Keeping up with new technology truly will be a life-long quest.

I have found many of the exercises to be challenging and very time consuming. There was no way that I could do any of this during school time. I had to work at home because I’m the type of learner who has to have uninterrupted time to think and experiment. In fact, I did the majority of my exercises during Christmas break. I found this to be somewhat of a surprise because I thought I would be able to do some of the exercises during my lunchtime.

When I was first introduced to many of the websites I could not see myself using them with my students. As I progressed through each step and learned more and more, my feelings about how I could use them changed. I started to see myself forging ahead and even thinking of ways I could try blogs or wikis with my research classes.
Hopefully, my enthusiasm will be contagious and our teachers will want to learn to use some of these great tools also.

Creative Commons

This photograph is surrounded by controversy, although it was picked form Flickr's Creative Commons stock, because it was used commercially without the girl even knowing. Notice the altered image from the original.
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Thing # 23.....Creative Commons

Ok, Let's see....Creative commons=equals="some rights reserved". I think I got it! Creators allow their work to be shared and reused within reason, instead of having a copyright of "all rights reserved". Co-authorship is allowed and even encouraged.

One way that I can see using Creative Commons at school can be with art, literature, and music. In art, for example, students could begin an art work with a program such as Photoshop using an image in the Creative Commons category. The student can then alter it, substract from it, add to it, remix, and so on to make it interesting and creative. Students can use photographs and Photoshop to spice up their presentations for their research in the library. Flickr's tools can be used in the library for creating READ posters and other fun projects to promote the library and reading as well. One idea might be to select a photo of a famous person from Flickr's Creative Commons area and use a program such as Photoshop to insert the photo of a student or teacher directly into the famous person's photo.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thing #22....Animoto

Here is my Animoto video. It is a lot of fun to create but it took longer to get the pictures and even longer for the video to develop, (about 15 minutes). I wasn't very excited about the music choices available for the video but I can download my own as long as it is a legal copy according to Animoto's instruction.
I will look forward to making additional videos with Animoto. Students will also enjoy using this program.

Thing #22.... Animoto

Just One More Book Interview